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Lesson Name Description
Using WE19 to reprocess IDOC or Debugg IDOC Using WE19 t-code to reprocess IDOC, debugging an IDOC using WE19 t-code, test IDOC using WE19
Finding inbound Function Module for a Message type Finding inbound process code Function module for a message type in SAP IDOCS, inblund function module in ALE-IDOCS.

Availeble under course Content

Lesson Name Description
IDOC useful T-Codes and Programs Useful Transaction Codes and Programs for ALE-IDOCS Development and maintenance
What are SAP Cross Applications ? Introduction to SAP Cross Applications, what are SAP Cross Applications ?
What is IDOC ALE-EDI and Features ? Introduction to ALE IDOCS and Concepts of ALE IDOC and EDI Technologies in SAP, benifits of ALE IDOC's in SAP
ALE IDOC Development between two SAP systems Developing and configuring IDOC using ALE to send and receive data from one SAP system to another SAP system