Data Types Domains Data Elements in SAP

What are the data types in SAP ABAP? Explain Data Elements and Domains in SAP ABAP programming

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ABAP uses different types of Data Types for Objects, basically there are three types of data types Elementary Data types, Complex Types, Reference Types .
In Elementary types there are again two types of data types( Categories ) Fixed Length and Variable Length .
Fixed Length:
  • C Text Field
  • N Numeric
  • D Date
  • T Time
  • H Hexadecimal
  • P Parked Number
  • I Integer
  • F Float
Variable Length
  • STRING Character Sequence
  • XSTRING Byte Sequence

Complex Types includes Structure Types and Table Types.
Reference Types includes Data References and Object References
What is a Date Element in SAP ABAP ?
Data element is an object which specified semantic information of a field, ex: field label , heading.(
We all know that table is a collection of fields, ex: STUDENT is a table with fields STUDENT_ID, STUDENT_NAME ext, data element specifies the field labels and headings for these fields )

What is a Domain in SAP ABAP ?
Domain is an object which specified technical information of a field in a table ex: Data type, length, value range etc

Why we use Data elements and Domains in SAP ?
When ever we are creating a new table or adding a field to existing table, we need to specify field labels and data types for the field, in SAP we maintain these values in the form of Data elements and Domains.
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