Using Selection Texts in SAP ABAP

Using selection texts to replace technical names of fields on selection screen in SAP ABAP programming

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Selection texts are texts which are used to replace technical field names on selection-screen with custom names.

In real-time business no business user(end user) can understand technical names, they just uses the applications for the business, when ever we print a input field on selection-screen, we get technical field names by default.
PARAMETERS : P_MTART TYPE MARA-MTART. "material type input
The above code will generate below screen

Selection texts in SAP ABAP

But we need to replace P_MTART with our custom name, follow the below steps to change technical name.

Go to Program Source,Select Goto-Text Elements-Selectin Texts

Selection texts in SAP ABAP

Replace question mark with your custome text.

Selection texts in SAP ABAP

Selection texts in SAP ABAP

Selection-screen texts in SAP ABAP

In the same way you can replace radio button text, selection-options text, parameters text etc.

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