Introduction to SAP ABAP Programming

What is SAP ABAP Programming ? What is a Transaction Code in SAP ? What is the Transaction code for ABAP Editor ?

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What is ABAP?

ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming Language, which is a standard programming language of SAP ERP Software, entire SAP Software is built using ABAP programming language.

We use ABAP to customise or to enhance SAP software.

Logon to SAP Environment.

If you have installed SAP software in your system, to logon to SAP Double Click on SAP Logon and enter username and password.

Transaction Codes

Transaction Code (T-Code) is a short command through which you can go to a specific application in SAP.

Ex: SE38 for ABAP Editor

Comments in SAP ABAP

You can place comments in SAP ABAP by using two kinds of symbols.

*This is a comment with * symbol
SOME ABAP STATEMENT . "This is another way of commenting in sap abap with " symbol

ABAP/4 Editor (SE38)

ABAP/4 Editor is a SAP Programming editor, T-code for ABAP/4 Editor (SE38) is SE38.

Print out put in SAP ABAP

WRITE:/ is a statement which is used to print data on screen, here : is chain statement which is used to print multiple attributes .

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