What is SAP System landscape ?

What is SAP System Landscape? What are SAP Development, Quality Assurance and Production systems in SAP?

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SAP System landscape is the group of systems you have installed, all the systems are linked to different transport routs to main system, system landscape may vary from company to company or business to business, SAP recommended landscape is explained below.

What happens at system levels in SAP project implementation ?

  • All SAP custom object developments and enhancements will be done in development system.
  • Testing and different quality checks will be done in quality assurance system.
  • After testing, the objects will be moved to main production system .
  • All these systems are connected using Transport System.
  • All systems are divided into different clients depends on business requirement.

What is client concept in SAP ?

Client is a concept of protecting data in SAP from accessing from outside a legal entity. SAP systems are divided into different clients depending on business requirement, the data can be accesses within the client only.

Ex: Client 200, 300 etc.


Development system, where all custom developments, enhancements and configurations will be done. Once development is completed the objects will be moved to testing system (QAS).It may have more than one client that is one for development and one is for configurations.


Quality Assurance System where all the developed objects will be tested with different test cases.


This is alive business system, where business users will be using the objects with real-time data, this is where the developed objects will be integrated and used for business purposes .

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